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OI All-Member Meeting – Elections/Voting 2018 Plan Kick Off

February 5 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm PST

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Please come early so we can start at 7:00.

Dear fearless members of our band of Indivisiblers in Olympia,

You the membership, overwhelmingly voted last November in favor of Olympia Indivisible’s active engagement in federal, state, and county elections in the 2018 elections. So save the date! On Monday, February 5, you (yes, you!) are invited to roll up your sleeves and set the wheels in motion. Because Democracy is NOT a spectator sport!

On Feb. 5, Olympia Indivisible members will split into five teams to come up with a 2018 game plan. Descriptions of those areas are listed below. This will be the beginnings of work that will last all year for these teams. Each group needs a leader and a co-leader (please consider stepping up!). To move forward with this work we must have more people willing to step forward and take a larger role. This is a great opportunity to make a difference.

To prepare for the meeting we have already e-mailed you a five page summary of national Indivisibles new Indivisible435.org site, which lays out a strategy for winning in 2018. Read the summary before the meeting and if you find an area that particularly appeals to you go to https://indivisible435.org and read more.

And now, about those teams!!!

Olympia Indivisible Electoral Engagement 2018

General Principles: We ask all members of OI participating in the electoral engagement process to follow best practices as outlined in the Indivisible435 guide. We also ask OI members to be mindful that while Indivisible members may disagree about individual candidates in the primaries, our ultimate goal at the federal level is to win back control of the Senate and the House from the regressive leadership currently in power.

1. Expand the Electorate: GOTV

This team will register voters to expand the electorate and combat voter suppression. One of the best ways to assure we elect progressive candidates is to increase the rolls of registered voters among marginalized groups who typically lean liberal. Using the Guide developed by Indivisible National, this team will work in collaboration with the other OI EE (Electoral Engagement) teams to determine how/when/where they can assist with voter registration and Getting Out The Vote (GOTV) events in WA Congressional Districts and Legislative Districts. This team will develop a plan and a timeline of registration and GOTV events.

2. Federal Elections in CD10 Team

The Federal Elections in CD10 (FECD-10) team will focus on the two federal legislative seats coming up for election in 2018 (currently occupied by Sen. Cantwell and Rep. Heck). The FECD-10 team will familiarize themselves with the Indivisible435 guide and will develop tools to help determine if OI membership has the time, energy and will to make meaningful campaign support efforts for the primaries and general elections. If OI endorsements are made, the FECD-10 team will serve as a primary point of contact with endorsed candidates and their campaigns. The team will coordinate, in collaboration with the Steering Committee, opportunities for OI members to support these candidates. When it is mutually beneficial, FECD-10 team will also work collaboratively with other Indivisible CD-10 chapters who are endorsing the same candidates.

3. State and County Elections & Legislation in CD10

The team will familiarize itself with the Indivisible435 guide and develop tools to help determine OI priorities and capacity for:

providing meaningful endorsements and involvement for the primaries and general elections at the state and county levels within CD10. This will include–

statewide elections, election campaigns for both Houses in our Legislative Districts (LDs) within CD10;

county elections for Thurston, Pierce and Mason Counties;

advocate for legislation/initiatives/rules supported by OI through this session and into the next;

3) work with other OI teams, and with other Indivisible Chapters in CD10, where it

is mutually beneficial. Actions may include:

developing a plan to identify the issues to pursue in 2018 (for consideration in the 2019 Legislature);

developing tools to determine the priorities of our members (example – weighted ranking of bills, initiatives, rules, etc);

developing a list of resources and efforts put forth by other groups/organizations (LWV, TCDems, Progressive Caucus, etc) to piggyback on their quality efforts rather than duplicating them (candidate questionnaires, debates and forums, etc); this list can be used to maximize the opportunities for our members to become better acquainted with candidates and issues;

working with the Endorsement Team within the guidelines and develop a process for an Endorsement Plan.

4. Endorsements Team

Indivisible national has put out some great guidelines for developing processes for our membership to endorse candidates in this year’s primary and general elections Indivisible Endorsements, A Practical Guide for Endorsing in Primaries and Beyond. What this group will do first is work through the guidelines and develop an endorsement plan for our membership to approve. Next they will move forward with executing that plan. This ultimately means bringing forward candidates to our members to choose if we should endorse.

5. Flip CD3 Team

The CD3 Team will focus its work plan and activities in Congressional District 3 – (see map of CD3). This team will work with and support the efforts of Indivisible groups and other progressive groups in CD3 to “flip the district” in the 2018 elections. The goal is to unseat the current Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Camas) and to elect a progressive independent who caucuses with the Democrats or is a Democrat.

Suggestions for current actions might include:

Researching Indivisible or other progressive groups that are active in CD3.

Inquiring if Indivisible and progressive groups in CD3 want help with elections from Olympia Indivisible and other progressive groups in CD10.

In conjunction with progressive groups in CD3, developing a plan for registering voters.



February 5
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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