Action: (1) Sign I-940 to Reform Police Practices and Accountability and (2) Become a Signature Gatherer

Sign the Initiative

The De-Escalate Washington Campaign is in full gear to gather signatures for Initiative 940.  I-940 will reform police practices and accountability.

We have about 10 weeks left and we need everyone working together to get this done.  Its all about signatures.

You can pick up a petition in Olympia at:

The United Churches of Olympia
110 11th Ave SE
Monday through Thursday, 8:30 am – 3 pm
Or call 360-943-1210 for off hour pick up.

For other locations around the state, refer to

Attend the Training to Gather Signatures, October 21

Please come to the training this next Saturday, October 21, at 11 AM at the United Churches (110 11th Ave SE, Olympia).  We will train you, get you the supplies, get you a schedule, and if you want company, will set you up with a team.    All are welcome and you will learn from seasoned folks who understand the initiative and will practice with you.

Sign up for the training here

More Information on De-Escalate Washington

More information about the campaign look here:

Initiative 940 is an initiative to the Legislature on law enforcement training and community safety.   It:

  • Requires training for violence de-escalation, mental health, and first aid.
  • Provides that police should render first aid at the scene.
  • Applies a good faith standard for use of deadly force and removes the de facto immunity.
  • Requires completely independent investigations of use of deadly force when there is injury or death.
  • Brings diverse community stakeholders to the table for the development of standards and curriculum.
  • Includes Tribal governments in investigations where a tribal person was injured or killed.


Email from Leslie Cushman. Thank you for your great work, Leslie!

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