Action: Attend a Town Hall on “Health Justice”

A special Health Justice Town Hall event with national health care expert and activist Timothy Faust and a panel of local community experts.

South Sound Democratic Socialists
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Tim Faust is a writer for Jacobin magazine, the health care correspondent for Chapo Trap House, and co-host of “Heavy Medical,” a podcast on health policy and heavy metal. He is pursuing a MPA in health policy and finance at NYU’s School of Public Service. He’s also a DSA member and advocate for a national single payer system. Read some of his Jacobin writings here: and check out his Twitter here:

Local healthcare experts are still being confirmed – check back for details.

The event will cover the past, present, and future of US healthcare; the Medicare for All campaign and what a single-payer system could look like; and will address broader questions of social well-being. We’ll begin with a structured talk from Faust and the other panelists and then provide time for an open Q & A. The Olympia and South Sound chapters of DSA are proud to cosponsor this event.

Action: Attend a town hall on Health Justice with local community experts and national expert Tim Faust.

Date: July 21, Saturday

Time: Noon – 2 pm

Place: Olympia Center, 222 Columbia St NW, Olympia, WA 98501

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This event is sponsored by the South Sound Democratic Socialists of America and Democratic Socialists of America.