Action: Don’t Let the Republican Administration Destroy the rest of the Affordable Care Act

This week Attorney Jeff Sessions announced that he would not defend the ACA in a crucial lawsuit.

SPEAK OUT!!! the Trump Administration is trying to sabotage the few remaining protections left in the ACA, putting millions of Americans with pre-existing health issues at risk of losing their coverage.

Despite being weakened, The Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land, and this administration is sworn to protect and uphold our laws. Attorney Jeff Sessions should do his job and defend the ACA. You can read more about it here:

Make your outrage heard! Refusing to protect our laws for political gain in this way is unheard of and is a very real threat to our way of life.

Action: Tell your Senators to condemn the Republican Administration for refusing to defend the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in court.

Make sure our Senators know we want them to speak out.


My name is _______. I am calling as a member of Olympia Indivisible to ask (Senator)_____ to take a public stand and speak out against the Trump Administration’s refusal to defend the ACA in court. Attorney Jeff Session’s statement last week that he would not act to defend the ACA is putting millions of American’s healthcare at risk, especially those with pre-existing conditions.

Senator Patty Murray: (253) 572-3636
Senator Maria Cantwell: (253) 572-2281

Find Your Senators’ Contact Information by State

This action is from Olympia Indivisible’s weekly Call to Action with formatting edits. Be sure to go to their website for more on the actions, upcoming events and for their latest Research Report.  Also find them on Facebook.