Action: Give Feedback on Draft Report to Save Orcas in Puget Sound

We must not forget Tahlequah, the mother Orca who carried her dead newborn for 17 days and 1,000 miles. Orcas are at risk of extinction. If we don’t act to save them in their natural environment (not tiny concrete enclosures) they will be gone.

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“A draft report released late Monday by Gov. Jay Inslee’s orca recovery task force offered a concrete goal to aid the region’s struggling killer whales: 10 new Puget Sound Orcas by 2028.

Beyond growing the local population from 74 to 84 whales over the next 10 years, in the short term the task force hope to witness evidence of consistently well-nourished whales and the survival of several thriving young Orcas by 2022.”

Story Title: A plan emerges to help Puget Sound’s embattled Orcas
Story Subtitle: The team assigned to rescue local Orcas recommends measures that could grow the population by 10 whales over the next 10 years.
Author: John Stang
Date: September 25, 2018
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“Our Salish Sea is under assault.  Fossil fuel projects and accelerating human activity and development are contributing to pollution, climate change and ocean acidification.

The Salish Sea urgently needs our protection. Throughout the bio-region our sacred water faces a cumulative toxic load from multiple fossil fuel projects and pollution. As acid oceans impact declining shellfish and salmon populations, Orcas are starving.”

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Action: Submit your feedback on draft recommendations by October 7, 2018.

Public Feedback: Southern Resident Orca Task Force Draft Report

The report contains recommendations from the task force. These are recommendations and have NOT been agreed upon by the task force. Give your opinions through a survey here.

In this survey, you will have an opportunity to comment on each of the major sections of the report, as well as voice your support or opposition for specific draft recommendations.

Your feedback will be provided to the task force in advance of the October 17–18 task force meeting so that they may consider it as they formulate their recommendations to Governor Inslee.

Deadline to submit comments through the survey: October 7, 2018