Action: Go to the Olympia Capitol this Week to Support Important Bills

Today’s Action is from Olympia Indivisible on Facebook and Website.

The Washington State Legislature convenes this week, in a “short” session that will be focused on funding for schools. Four bills have already been introduced that deserve our support as they make it simpler for eligible state residents to register and to vote. Each of the four get their first hearing in the Legislature this week; this is a great opportunity to learn how to testify (you only get 3 minutes, and they love folks who take less time, so tell a quick story about why these bills are important to you and let them know that you are an OI member) or just go and watch (but be sure to sign in as “Support” of the bill; you don’t have to testify to be counted).

The email that describes these four bills and the hearings schedule is on the Olympia Indivisible web page, at: <