Action: No War in Iran

Today’s Action is from Olympia Indivisible on Facebook and Website.

The Iran nuclear agreement. There are several deadlines (Jan. 11) coming up for Trump to decide whether to sabotage the nuclear deal between Iran, the United States, and five other countries. What he decides will have a major impact not just on Iran, but on the world. Each Member of Congress must commit now that they will vote to save the Iran deal if Trump sends the issue to Congress. They also must commit that they will do everything in their power to block Trump from starting a new war with Iran.

ACTION: Call our Members of Congress in support of  The Iran nuclear agreement


Caller: Hello, My name is ____________ and I’m a member of Olympia Indivisible. I’m very concerned about the Iran deal. Trump foolishly decertified it in October even though Iran is complying and it’s keeping us all safe. If he does that again, or worse, unilaterally re-imposes sanctions and violates the deal, will [MoC] issue a public statement denouncing his actions and urging diplomacy, not war with Iran? 

Staffer: Thank you for sharing those concerns. [MoC] is considering [his/her] options right now. [He/she] thinks the deal could be changed slightly and is open to that. 

Caller: That’s not acceptable. Our international partners tell us the deal is the deal and there will be no renegotiations. Either we are in or we are out, and if we’re out, we could go to war with Iran. Will [MoC] make sure this doesn’t happen? 

Staffer: I hear your concern. [MoC] is also concerned because Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism and commits a lot of human rights abuses. Plus they are hostile to us, our ally Israel, and others. 

Caller: This is exactly why we can’t let them have a nuclear weapon – which they will, if this deal falls apart. It is crucial for [MoC] to stand up to Trump on this and keep us safe. We can’t have another North Korea. 

Staffer: I’ll certainly relay your concerns to [MoC]. 

Caller: Yes, please do. I will be watching for [MoC]’s statement urging protection of the deal and no new war with Iran.