Action: Protect Mueller and Special Counsel’s Russia Investigation

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Protect Mueller and Special Counsel’s Russian Investigation

The New York Times has reported what we’ve long suspected: Trump wants to fire Special Counsel Mueller, and has already tried to do so. ( )
White House Counsel Don McGahn prevented the firing, but that doesn’t mean that the independent investigation is safe.  A smear campaign among Trump and the GOP continues to frame Mueller and his investigation as illegitimate, and Congress has so far failed to enact protections for the Special Counsel’s office.  We must loudly express our displeasure.

  • There’s no evidence brought forward by the GOP talking-points-memo to suggest or support either that the FBI acted unlawfully or improperly when it collected information about Trump and Russia, or that the Mueller investigation is illegitimate.
  • The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), has a memo of his own that he wants released, which fact-checks the Nunes “memo.” Of course, the committee voted to keep that one secret. The Republicans don’t want THAT memo released, because it rebuts their own. 
  • Republicans also refused a briefing by the FBI and DOJ on their concerns prior to the GOP releasing the “memo” after Nunes refused to release the “memo” to even his counterpart in the Senate Intelligence Committee, or to the FBI and DOJ.
  • Any House member with access to the rebuttal memo who believes the American public should have access to that information, should read it into the congressional record. 
  • The “Speech and Debate Clause” of the U.S. Constitution would protect that MoC from liability, even if the information is classified.  However, the MoC who does read it into the record, risks removal from committee assignments.
  • Every Member of Congress should clearly call it out as a political stunt, and do everything they can to protect the Mueller investigation.

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  • This investigation is ongoing, and there may very well be more developments. While it’s important to focus and continue to resist the Trump agenda simultaneously, we can also work now to protect the Mueller investigation as it unfolds. Here’s how:
  • All Americans need to be clear that we will not stand for this. Indivisible is teaming up with a coalition of groups to host emergency rallies in the event that Trump crosses a red line. (We have our Mueller Rapid Response Plan under events on our website.)  We hope that this terrible event will not come to pass—but if it does, we will all need to stand firm and make it clear that no one is above the law. 

ACTION: Call Senators Murray and Cantwell, and Rep Heck, to demand they take action to prevent Mueller from getting fired.  Thank them for the support they’ve already shown for Mueller and his investigation.  It is the duty of Congress, as a separate co-equal branch of government, to guard against abuses of the Executive Branch. That’s why the framers of the Constitution created separation of powers.  Our elected officials need to speak out and make clear that firing Mueller would be a red line that Trump must not cross.  Senators can co-sponsor legislation to protect against a Mueller firing: S. 1735 led by Senators Graham and Booker, and S. 1741 led by Senators Coons and Tillis.  Representatives in the House can co-sponsor H.R. 3771, led by Representative Jones.
Ask them to provide you with information on any efforts they’ve already made to ensure Mueller is not fired and the investigation is not compromised by Republicans.