(Expired) Action: Show Up In Seattle as a Peaceful Presence at the IWW Local 24’s Solidarity Against Hate, August 13:

If You Attend, Show Up to Support Non-Violent Protest

In response to the events in Charlottesville, VA yesterday Seattle’s IWW Local 24 has initiated an action in Seattle.  The Antifa presence may provoke confrontation, even if not originating from the Antifas themselves but from the reaction to them by police and fascist groups.  If you attend, I encourage you to go as a peaceful and de-escalating presence.  Personally, I will be attending the “Vigil for Charlottesville” sponsored by Indivisible Tacoma.  Keoki Kawika offered me these words of advice about my concerns, “I think people should be informed and then make their own decisions. I encourage everyone to research the groups involved.”

— Carolyn Roos


On August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, a diverse coalition of thousands of people shut down a neo nazi rally. Later, a fascist drove his car into a peaceful march, killing at least one and injuring dozens.


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