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Denny Heck’s Anti-Progressive Voting Record

Tamborine Borrelli fo Congress WA CD 10Tamborine Borrelli is running to represent Washington’s 10th Congressional District (Denny Heck’s seat) and to take on the corruption opposing the interests of everyday people.   Find out more about her progressive, independent campaign by exploring her webpage:

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Help her get on the ballot by downloading her Filing Fee petition, collecting signatures.  With enough signatures, her filing fee is waived. (Click to Download)

Petitions with signatures must be returned by May 17, Thursday. Petitions can be dropped off at the address below. If needed, you can arrange to have a campaign person pick them up.

Tamborine Borrelli, 303 1st ST #27, Yelm, WA 98597

Tamborine Borrelli fo Congress WA CD 10, Denny Heck Sold You Out to Corporations

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What You Should Know About Denny Heck’s Anti-Progressive Voting Record

Denny Heck: The Candidate of Wall Street, Banking and Insurance Industry,
Big Oil, Big Pharma, Endless War, and Neocolonialism

Compiled by Jeff Sowers (High School Teacher)

If progressive voters of Washington’s 10th Congressional district want a real progressive to represent them, they should be thinking about replacing Denny Heck. Following is a list of 36 anti-progressive votes Heck has made in the U.S. Congress. Solid progressive Congressional reps like Bernie Sanders, Barbara Lee, Raul Grijalva, and Keith Ellison voted the opposite way as Heck on these bills.

Votes with an ** before the date are those in which Heck sided with the GOP against a majority of Democrats in Congress. Most recent votes are listed first.