Action: Survey on Port of Olympia Future Priorities

What should be the priorities for the Port of Olympia going forward?

Everyone has the opportunity to give their opinions about the Port and what they should or should not be shipping. The Port has created a survey for citizens as part of a planning process they are calling. Vision 2050. To share your opinions and ideas, take the survey. To learn more about the Port and Vision 2050 Planning Process, explore the links and content on this website.

Local residents know the very visible shipment of timber in the form of logs. If you go to the Olympia Farmers Market you can see stacks of logs, up to three stories high, being stored by Weyerhaeuser. In 2009 Weyerhaeuser moved one of its exporting operations from Tacoma to Olympia. A few different grades of logs are shipped primarily to Japan, China, and South Korea. Read a story from 2011 about shipping of logs here.

Shipping live cattle to Asia. Read about this here.

Action: Go here to find the survey and give your ideas and opinions.

Ship at Olympia Port. Photos by MaryPhoenix

We know in the past the Port has been shipping fracking sand used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a technique designed to recover gas and oil from shale rock. Also the Port has shipped military cargo. Both fracking sand and military cargo have been controversial in our community and have met with opposition.

Swantown Boatworks boatyard is owned and operated by the Port of Olympia. The Olympia Farmers Market sits on Port land.

Survey closes October 31, 2018.