Action: Tell State Senators You Want Meaningful Climate Action, Governor Inslee’s Climate Bill, SB6203

****ACTION for Tuesday, January 16th, courtesy of 350 Seattle***
Monday morning, the Senate’s Energy, Environment and Technology Committee began discussing Governor Inslee’s climate bill, SB6203.

(Click the links for telephone numbers, names and a script.)


Can you call key members of the Senate Environment Committee today to urge them to support meaningful climate action?

We’re still reviewing the specifics of the bill, but the basics look pretty good — it would raise about $1.6 billion a year by taxing carbon polluters, with about 50% of the money raised being re-invested in carbon reduction and clean energy programs, 35% in natural resources, and 15% in programs that support low-income families and workers.

But even if this bill is an equitable and ambitious carbon tax we know it’s only a part of the solution — we also need a ban on new fossil fuels projects and a path to 100% renewable energy within the next ten years.


Can you call the Senate Environment Committee to urge them to fight for an equitable carbon taxand a ban on fossil fuel projects and legislation that will start us on a path to 100% renewable energy within the next decade?


We know we’re running out of time to respond to the climate crisis. We need our legislators to act now —after you have made your calls, can you also take thirty seconds to send the entire Senate Environment Committee an email here?*

52 Days left,
350 Seattle

* We ask you to make calls first, because we know that they’re the most powerful way for us to communicate to our elected officials.

** If you want to get further involved with the Climate Countdown Campaign, get on our Weekly Organizing Call at 12PM on TuesdayFull details are here.

Alec Connon, 350 Seattle · 1919 E Prospect St, Seattle, WA 98112, United States

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