Action: Update Privacy Settings on Facebook and Call for Regulation of Facebook

In the last week, it has been revealed how complicit Facebook was in winning the 2016 elections for Trump. Facebook sold private data on 50 million users to Cambridge Analytica which was used to target voters. You may have been one of them. You should not think of yourself as Facebook’s customer but rather the product they are selling. We all knew that when we agreed to their voluminous legal Terms of Use agreement, but it is time for some regulation of what they and other social media platforms can and cannot do with peoples’ data. The OI Steering Committee is discussing what our OI use of Facebook should be going forward as we are concerned about the privacy and security of our members.

How to Delete Facebook: Should I Delete Facebook?

How to Secure Facebook, Simple tips on how to secure Facebook and keep your account and personal details private

Facebook lets third-party apps obtain your private, personal data and the private, personal data of your friends. To stop it, you have to remove those apps from Facebook.

Action: If you have a profile on Facebook use the links below to learn how to delete apps on Facebook and protect your privacy.

For iphones: How to stop third-party apps from using your Facebook data and protect your privacy

The Complete Guide to Facebook Privacy by

How to use Facebook privacy settings, opt out of sharing private data

Action: Write or call our MoCs and ask for the creation of General Data Protection Regulation laws like they have in the European Union.

It’s Time to Regulate the Internet

Look Up Contact Info for U.S. Federal Officials:

Federal Senators and Representatives for Washington State:

Senator Patty Murray (253) 572-3636
Senator Maria Cantwell (253) 572-2281
Representative Denny Heck (360) 459-8514


Hi I’m _________ calling from District 10 and I am very unhappy that irresponsible social media companies like Facebook are allowed to sell Americans data to disreputable companies like Cambridge Analytica to be used against us. I am asking ___________________ to step up and create an American version of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation to keep our democracy safe and strong.

This action is from Olympia Indivisible’s weekly Call to Action with formatting edits. Be sure to go to their website for more on the actions, upcoming events and for their latest Research Report.  Also find them on Facebook.