Actions: Save Our Planet


The Sierra Club South Sound put together an impressive list of actions to protect the environment.  They summarized it in an email, which we reprint here.

Actions from Sierra Club South Sound:

  • Help us ban the burning of fossil fuels here. See why Washington State must become fossil fuel free here.
  • Stop global warming and polluting fossil fuel pipelines here.
  • Discover our renewable energy future here.
  • Learn how electric vehicle bulk purchase programs can accelerate the switch to electric vehicles here.
  • Learn how to save Puget Sound here.
  • Learn how important Puget Soundkeeper is and perhaps contribute at
  • Read petition to save Zangle Cove here.
  • Discover Olympia’s estuary problem at
  • Stop dirty energy from destroying public lands here.
  • Help save Puget Sound which currently is getting worse every year at .
  • Tell Governor Inslee to save our salmon and orca from extinction here.
  • Tell Governor Inslee to stop the polluting fossil fuel Kalama methanol refinery at
  • Tell Governor Inslee no fracked gas in Washington here.
  • Tell automakers to put clean electric cars first here.
  • Tell state regulators to stop PSE’s fossil fuel machine here.
  • Washington State Sierra Club passes resoluton here, take action here. Discover fast rail here.
  • Help Sierra Club start electric car bulk purchase program here,
  • Help Sierra Club achieve Net Zero carbon emission construction standards here,
  • Stop attacks on women’s health care here.
  • Demand that EPA director Scott Pruitt be fired here and that the EPA stop polluting science here.
  • Stop attacks on our national monuments here.
  • Stop the destruction of the Giant Sequoia National Monument here.
  • Stop dumping of coal ash into our rivers and drinking water here.
  • Tell Congress and BLM to protect our Arctic National Wildlife Refuge here and here.
  • Donate your vehicle to Sierra Club here.