Daily Do: Ask Your Members of Congress What They Are Doing to Help Puerto Rico

****Daily Do for Thursday, October 19th****

This entire article turned my stomach. Today, Trump sat with the Governor of Puerto Rice and not only congratulated himself on his (fictitious) ‘excellent’ disaster response while insulting Puerto Rico, he then proceeded to make Governor Rossello praise him.

The reality is much more stark:

ACTION:  Ask your MoC’s to ensure Puerto Rick gets immediate increased aid

Contact your members of Congress to ask them what they are doing, specifically, to highlight the humanitarian crisis and ensure that Puerto Rico gets immediate increased aid.

  • Sen. Patty Murray (253-572-3636)
  • Sen. Maria Cantwell (253-572-2281)
  • D10 Rep. Denny Heck (360-459-8514)
  • D3 Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (360-695-6292)
  • Text RESIST to 50409 and follow the prompts to fax/write/call your Members of Congress

SCRIPT (courtesy of Seattle Indivisible):

Hello, my name is [NAME], and I’m calling from [ZIP]. Our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico need far more relief and recovery assistance from the federal government than they have received to date, and they still struggle with past injustices, such as the cap on Medicaid funding. I’m asking the [SENATOR/ REPRESENTATIVE] to insist on fair funding for Medicaid in Puerto Rico. I’m also asking [HIM/HER] to support all legislation addressing Puerto Ricans’ urgent need for hurricane relief and recovery. I would appreciate some information about what actions [HE/SHE] has taken this week to support Puerto Rico.

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