Daily Do: District 3 People call Jaime Herrera Beutler

****Daily Do for Wednesday, December 20th****

As predicted, both houses have passed the Tax Scam. It is expected that Trump will sign it before Christmas. While it’s infuriating, we should also remember that, though this should have been a cakewalk for them, it actually took them 334 days to barely shove it through. From Indivisible Guide: “Indivisibles held 351 actions to protest the tax scam. You made 323,563 phone calls to progressives in key red states to amp up the pressure and 23,512 calls were made to members of Congress. You dragged this fight out to the bitter end and made it as painful as possible for them to betray their constituents. Take a minute to grieve this loss, but be proud of everything you did to fight for justice over the last few weeks.”

ACTION for District 3:

If you are a constituent of Jaime Herrera Beutler, please call her every day at 360- 695-6292 to demand that she support passing the Dream Act by the end of the year!

Call for leaders!! There is growing interest in revisiting possibilities for local municipal broadband, particularly in the wake of the repeal of net neutrality rules. If you are interested in this topic and want to lead the research and outreach, or just be part of the organizing, comment or PM me!

Related resources/information:

–2015 Thurston County Feasibility Study: http://www.thurstonpud.com/…/Final-Broadband-Feasibility-As…

https://muninetworks.org/ provides resources and information for communities considering municipal broadband.

–If any members want to brave the inclement weather, there is a rally for municipal broadband in Portland next Tuesday at 2pm: https://www.facebook.com/events/1775718709399941/. We’d love to have some people from our area participate and report back with takeaways!

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