Daily Do: Listen to “10 things every white teacher should know when talking about race”

****Daily Do for Friday, August 18th, courtesy of Social Media Approaches for Respect and Tolerance (SMART)****

If you haven’t heard of the SMART group linked above, please check out their page! I have seen many comments in our group about looking for ways to reach across the aisle and talk to (and perhaps convince!) conservative-leaning voters. The focus of the group is to open dialogue that helps to challenge bias without being combative.

ACTION: Please take some time to listen to (or read, as the transcript is posted below the audio link):  “10 things every white teacher should know when talking about race”

While this is a resource geared toward teachers, it really is applicable to any conversation about race. And, as the media has noted, much like the field of education, many members of Indivisible groups and other groups resisting Trump include large percentages of white women. [I say this while acknowledging that there is intersectionality in activism, and individuals of color have been in this fight all along – my comment is just noting what has been happening since the election. This Axios piece is just one example: https://www.axios.com/trumps-biggest-opposition-middle-aged…]


It’s a complex topic, but I’ve tried to focus on fundamental understandings to help white teachers feel more confident in speaking about and advocating for students…

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