Daily Do: Save the date, January 8 to Demand No Oil, No Gas, No Coal

****Daily Do for Friday, December 29th****

Today’s action is from 350 Seattle.

On the Web go to: https://350.org/


Save the date and attend to demand that Washington legislators pass a law to prevent any oil, gas, or coal based investments in our state. This is the first day of the legislative session.

RSVP on Facebook event or just show up!
January 8, 2018, 10 am – 2 pm at Capitol Steps

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With the WA Democrats gaining control of both the House and the Senate for the first time in years, there can be no excuses: we need bold climate action now.

This year’s legislative session is short — just 60 days. And with the United Nations telling us that we have less than three years to curtail the climate crisis, it’s more urgent than ever that our state legislators use these sixty days to pass bold and meaningful climate legislation.

To send a clear message to our newly elected leaders, Washington’s local 350.org groups will be having a major mobilization in Olympia on the opening day of the legislature, Monday, January 8th

The Climate Countdown campaign will be asking two things of the legislature: that they ban all new fossil fuel projects and commit to a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy.

To do these two things, we are asking them to pass Climate Test Legislation
(1) and to pass 100% renewable legislation modeled on a bill that recently passed in Maryland’s largest county.
(2) We know the legislature will be considering many bills that are small steps in the right direction. But we also know the situation is dire — in addition to such steps, we need fast and bold action.

We have 60 days for bold climate action – and we hope to see you there on Day One.

Find a carpool: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/y5drtc

RSVP: http://350seattle.org/rsvp-day1/


(1) http://climatetest.org/
(2) https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/md-politics/hans-riemer-elected-president-of-montgomery-county-council/2017/12/05/22ddeefe-d9c7-11e7-b1a8-62589434a581_story.html

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