Daily Do: Tax reform, Children’s Health Insurance Plan funding, and relief for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

****Daily Do for Tuesday, October 3rd****

The actions and information included below were prepped Sunday night before the violence in Vegas. Every mass shooting creates such a break in time for me, and the before and after are unrecognizable. But we’d best believe that the GOP will continue advancing their agenda, regardless of how much we despair, and the reality is that we need to tag team on all of it. Indivisible Guide has set up an action guide to address gun violence at: bit.ly/2kiMN8P.

Politico is reporting that the legislation to loosen restrictions on silencers has been tabled again (last time it was tabled because of Rep. Scalise’s shooting): http://www.politico.com/…/congress-gun-silencer-bill-las-ve….

ACTION: Our calls to Congress today will be a triple threat –

Make calls on tax reform, Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) funding, and an emergency relief package for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

  • Sen. Patty Murray (253-572-3636)
  • Sen. Maria Cantwell (253-572-2281)
  • D10 Rep. Denny Heck (360-459-8514)
  • D3 Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (360-695-6292)

Text RESIST to 50409 and follow the prompts to fax/write/call your Members of Congress or Governor


My name is [NAME] from [CITY/ZIP]. I have several reasons for contacting the [Senator / Congressman / Congresswoman] today. First, I do not support any tax plan that includes tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, and I expect [her/him] to oppose these tax cuts and the current House Budget Resolution. I am also disappointed and worried that the Senate allowed funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP); I hope [he/she] will do everything possible to bring attention to this and renew the program. Finally, I expect Congress to immediately pass an aid package to provide disaster relief to communities affected by Hurricane Maria, before the October Recess. Thank you.


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