Daily Do: Tell Our Senators: Vote to End the Wars Today

ACTION: Contact Senator Patty Murray (253-572-3636) and Senator Maria Cantwell (253-572-2281) to urge them to vote in support of Rand Paul’s proposal to repeal the War Powers that were passed in 2001 and 2002. This is expected to come to the Senate floor TODAY as part of the defense appropriations.


My name is [NAME] from [ZIP]. I urge the Senator to vote in favor of Rand Paul’s proposal to finally bring an end to the era of never-ending and unlimited war. Whatever military engagements are needed at this time, whatever enemies we are facing – let the decision to choose to go to war be the product of a NEW and HONEST debate – not the automatic continuation of decisions made in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.The original enemies are dead, a new enemy has emerged, we are on a third President, and the Congress itself is over 2/3 different. War is not an inheritance to be handed down from one President to the next and to the next against a second and then a third menu of enemies.

FOLLOW-UP: If our Senators intend to vote against Rand Paul’s Amendment, ask their staff who we’re at war with and where we are at war and when the war will be over. There’s a reason why Afghanistan is called the graveyard of empires.

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The authorizations in question provided a framework for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, among other actions.
Source:  Indivisible Thurston County, Daily Do for Wednesday, September 13th, courtesy of Daily Action****

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