Daily Do: Tips for Getting Out the Vote

****Daily Do for Friday, October 20th****——
HEADS UP that the Daily Dos will be on hiatus next week. I will continue to post updates/actions as I’m able. Please help keep the group up to date on actions needed! 

As expected, the Senate passed the GOP budget yesterday along party lines, paving the way for massive tax cuts. The process being used skirts any need to compromise with Democrats, including adding language that future fillibusters and vote-a-ramas cannot be used: http://www.npr.org/…/senate-passes-budget-resolution-seen-a….

All of this reminds me of the saying, “All politics is local.” Local residents are expected to begin receiving their ballots today. Let’s commit to doing all we can to increase voter turnout in Thurston County!

ACTION:  Read Seven Tips for Getting Out

Read Non-Profit Votes’s “7 Tips for Getting Out the Vote” and this summary of a 2012 Stanford study on voter outreach: https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/…/research-backed-ways-get-out…. The study found that talking with voters about a specific plan for how and when to return their ballots, rather than just a reminder to vote, netted increased turnout. Make a commitment to ask as many as people as you can about their voting plan, and remind those not yet registered that October 30 is the final day to register in person to vote: http://www.co.thurston.wa.us/…/N…/registration-deadlines.jpg

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