Daily Do: Verify Your Ballot — Oppose the Tax Bill and Support DACA

****Daily Do for Monday, November 13th****

Let’s do all we can to make sure our ballots are all in and counted! This week we also continue our actions against the #TrumpTaxScam.

ACTION 1:   Verify Your Vote Was Counted

Even if you have already confirmed receipt of your ballot at www.myvote.wa.gov, it’s worth taking a moment to double-check your ballot status. A few people have reported that, even after confirming, when they checked again, the status had changed to an error message. Every single vote counts! Also, if you have access to a vehicle and time to help out, you can sign up here to help chase down local ballots that have missing or questionable signatures: https://docs.google.com/…/1kiVxmaTS56Az4pcYnyr9bo…/viewform….

ACTION 2: Contact Your MoCs About the Tax Vote and Action on DACA

Contact your Members of Congress about the upcoming tax vote and the urgent need for action on DACA. For more information, visit https://www.trumptaxscam.org/democrat-call-script-to-stop-…/ and http://act.indivisibleguide.com/…/washington-tell-your-moc…/
–Sen. Patty Murray (253-572-3636)
–Sen. Maria Cantwell (253-572-2281)
–D10 Rep. Denny Heck (360-459-8514)
–D3 Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (360-695-6292)
–Text RESIST to 50409 and follow the prompts to fax/write/call your Members of CongressSCRIPT:

My name is [NAME] from [CITY/ZIP]. I’m calling to let [Congressman / Senator __] know that I strongly oppose the tax bill that the Ways and Means Committee reported out on November 9. This tax bill is a scam that will give massive cuts to the wealthy, paid for by forcing deep cuts to critical programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security down the line. I’m also asking the [Senator/Representative] to take the “DREAMer Pledge” – which is a commitment to doing everything she/he can to pass the DREAM Act as soon as possible, and, if it hasn’t passed by December, she/he will insist that it be included in the December government spending bill. Thank you!

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