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An evening with Kshama Sawant: re-elect a socialist in 2019

July 28 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm PDT

Please join us at the home of Chelsea R., Chair of the Puget Sound Socialist Party, for a fundraiser and meet-and-greet for Kshama Sawant! Kshama is a Seattle City Councilmember running for re-election in 2019. This is a non-partisan position, but Kshama is running openly as a socialist, and is currently the only sitting councilmember in the country who belongs to an independent socialist party. In addition, she is running without accepting money from PACs and corporations, and needs our support to cross the finish line of another successful campaign for socialism in Washington. All donations will go towards Kshama’s 2019 re-election campaign!

Why support Kshama? Check out some of the campaign issues from her website: https://www.kshamasawant.org/

– Tax Amazon — Affordable Housing For All: We need rent control! The for-profit housing market has failed working people. Tax Amazon and big business for a massive expansion of social housing — build tens of thousands of high quality, ecologically sustainable, permanently affordable, city-owned homes. Fund homeless services and affordable housing with developer impact fees and a vacancy tax on corporate landlords. Fight evictions and redlining with economic evictions assistance, inclusionary zoning, and a Tenants’ Bill of Rights.

– From #MeToo to #FightBack: Build the movement against sexism, sexual violence, and workplace discrimination. Establish an elected, independent office to investigate workplace sexual and gender harassment, with full powers to hold corporations accountable. End the gender pay gap, beginning with an audit of pay disparity in all companies doing business in Seattle. Expand the city’s programs against domestic violence and housing alternatives and shelters for women leaving abusive relationships. Free childcare and reproductive health care for all!

– We need a socialist alternative: Trump bragged that “America will never be a socialist country.” Yet a majority of Americans support Medicare-for-All, taxing big business and the rich, free college education, and enthusiasm for socialism is rapidly growing. We need a new party for working people, independent of corporate money, rooted in and accountable to our social justice movements. Capitalism has failed the 99%. Socialists fight for a fundamentally different kind of society, based on democracy, equality, sustainability and solidarity.

– A Green New Deal for working people: Seattle should be a real climate leader by becoming 100% renewable by 2030. Tax the rich to massively expand public transit, making it free and fully electric. Create thousands of living-wage union jobs with a major expansion of wind and solar by Seattle public utilities and retrofitting homes and businesses to the highest efficiency standards. We need a rapid shift away from fossil fuels – bring the big U.S. energy corporations into democratic public ownership and retool them for clean energy.

– Unite against racism and bigotry: End detentions and deportations and make Seattle ICE-free! Municipal voting rights for all residents – no human being is illegal. Stop hate crimes against Muslims and LGBTQ people! Fund trans-inclusive services and fight for full equality for all LGBTQ people. No new youth jail – use the $200 million to fund education and youth jobs programs because #BlackLivesMatter. Create an elected community oversight board with full powers to hold police accountable. Fight Trump! Regardless of new federal policies, the city should reject all companies and agencies with discriminatory practices.



July 28
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


1645 Sundrop Lane SE, Tumwater, WA 98501-6890
1199 Tumwater Blvd United States + Google Map