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Community Cleanup at Tent City!

February 24 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm PST

Join encampment residents and Just Housing in making downtown a safer and healthier place for all who work, live, and utilize the space.

How you can help:

Volunteer to move/pick up garbage: Extra hands to help collect trash into bags or to move it into the dumpster are always needed! Gloves, masks, and basic safety training will be provided!

Donate supplies: We will be accepting donations of clean-up supplies (garbage bags, gloves, masks, tongs, shovels, rakes, pitchforks, pushbrooms, etc) as well as snacks, food, coffee, and water.

Donate: Just Housing is covering the cost of the dumpster and dumping fees. To help us cover this cost, please donate through our GoFundMe via: https://www.gofundme.com/community-encampment-cleanup

We are hoping that the City of Olympia will consider reimbursing us for this cost, so please leave your name and contact information when you donate so that we can reimburse you if the City agree to reimburse these costs.

Why this cleanup is happening:

Residents of the encampment have decided to take the initiative in doing what they can to clean up the space and get rid of the trash and hazardous materials that have built up over the past few months. Residents recognize that the conditions at the encampment not only negatively impact those who call the encampment home, but also their many neighbors. They are hoping that this clean-up will be a positive step towards improving the harmful conditions being experienced by everyone in the area.

At this moment, the future of the camp is also uncertain, and residents are aware that the City of Olympia is considering evicting the encampment within the next few weeks due to health and safety concerns, which are in part related to the accumulated garbage (more details about this will be added to the event description shortly). Residents hope that this cleanup will help demonstrate to the City that the residents are willing to do the work needed to address concerns related to the encampment. Further, residents and Just Housing are hopeful that this cleanup might inspire the City to:

Pause the sweep of Smart Lot to allow time to bring together a work group of key players, including camp residents, neighboring businesses, City, Just Housing, & providers to seek humanitarian solutions to current challenges that work for all. The solutions to be sought by the work group during the pause of the sweep would:

A. address the challenges at Smart Lot in a manner that affirms the humanity and dignity of the individuals living in that camp, while also resolving many of the concerns expressed by neighboring businesses and other downtown users.

B. help the residents there experience a sense of hope for their future and a reason to embrace life, rather than simply existing from day to day.

C. ensure that every person eventually displaced from the Smart Lot camp will have available to them an actually available alternative location that is safe, legal, and appropriate for their needs.



February 24
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Just Housing