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From Palestine to Mexico, All the Walls Have Got to Go!

May 20 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm PDT

These days, the headlines are filled with Trump’s proposal for a border wall, news about brutal family separation policies and baby jails at the border, police murdering Black people in the US, Islamophobic attacks, accusations that Congresswoman Omar is “anti-semitic” because of her criticism of US foreign policy in Israel, and anti-boycott legislation at the federal and state levels. How are all these things connected? What does it mean to build a powerful movement for change that connects these issues and wins change that actually reduces the harms of systems of policing, imprisonment, border enforcement, and colonial dispossession?

Join us for a conversation between Maru Mora Villalpando and Nada Elia, moderated by Jerrell Davis. Maru is the community organizer at the forefront of work aiming to close the Northwest Detention Center. She has been targeted by the Trump administration for deportation based on her activism, and works to build a radical, visionary, border and prison abolitionist migrant justice grassroots movement in our region and nationally. Nada Elia is a diaspora Palestinian writer, organizer, and teacher who was one of the first activists to work to expose how US law enforcement trains with the Israeli military, and to build coalitional feminist work to oppose it. Jerrell Davis, aka Rell Be Free, is a rapper, poet, educator, and community organizer who works with WA-BLOC based in Rainier Beach High School, the No New Youth Jail Coalition, RBAC’s Corner Greeters, and other projects working to end racist policing and criminalization. Maru and Nada will be talking about the overlapping and interconnected law enforcement technologies being used to target migrants to the US, US communities of color, and Palestinians, and exploring how we build internationalist anti-law enforcement and anti-military resistance. This event aims to strengthen all our imaginations and strategies for building safety through solidarity, not law enforcement.

Accessibility information:
Southside commons is wheelchair accessible and has two parking spots for people with disabilities.
Scent-free soaps will be provided in the bathrooms and we are currently working to find out what is usually used in the space and to what degree it leaves chemicals and fragrances in the space.
Gender neutral bathrooms are available.
The light rail to the Mount Baker stop, and several busses, stop nearby.
If you have any questions about accessibility please email ashleen.obrien@gmail.com.

Image by Catherina Horan, on Instagram at @fernfemmeart.



May 20
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


End the Deadly Exchange Seattle