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Women’s Prayer Network for Southern Resident Orcas (Jan. 20th)

January 20 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm PST

The Southern Resident Orcas are dying of starvation. Their bodies are full of toxic chemicals, and they are on the edge of extinction. These orcas are led by Matriarchs. We are Matriarchs too! And as Matriarchs, we lead.

This is a remote prayer event. We will not be meeting up in person. These prayers will not be guided. Dozens of us will be praying from different locations from all around the shores of the Salish Sea and beyond. You can join us from any physical location merely by stopping whatever you are doing and spending a few moments in prayer, song or meditation. You may find it especially powerful to travel to the water’s edge at this time. Wherever you are on Sunday January 20th at 8:00pm PST, know that you are not alone! We lift each other up with our prayers, and we lift the orcas up with us.

Please confirm your attendance by adding an anonymous pin to the approximate location from where you will be praying, on this interactive map: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1H4ENtXpZGumLYgl2i6OdDpjOAFLI1JN6&usp=sharing
Together, we will create a circle of prayer pins all around the Salish Sea and beyond.

There are many of us who are praying every day, throughout the day, encircling this entire bio-region and planet with our love. In this way, this prayer network is more than just a recurring Facebook event. It is continuous and on-going.

This event exists to hold sacred, welcoming space for women of all faiths, cultures, and traditions. These prayers are for all women who love orcas, and all women who love Mother Earth. You might ask why we have made this event specifically for women. This is because we feel especially called to support women in stepping into their life-bringing, Earth-healing power. It is time for the feminine to rise back to its proper place and bring balance to this Earth!

You can help our prayer wave grow bigger by inviting your orca-earth-loving-sisters to this event and sharing it to relevant
Facebook pages and forums.

*May our prayers affirm the right of the Southern Resident Orcas to have access to pristine waters and abundant Chinook salmon; may we affirm their right to continue to live and thrive in the Salish Sea as they have lived and thrived for thousands of years.

*May our prayers awaken the powerful, life-bringing Matriarch that lives within each of our hearts.

*May our prayers strengthen the bonds of sisterhood that exist between us, so that we may come together as Matriarchs; for our healing and for the healing of all life on this planet.

Orca Wish List:
1. Adopt a global economic and political system that prioritizes right relationship with Mother Earth and does not require constant growth and expansion.
2. Breach the lower Snake River dams.
3. Remove all Fish Farms from B.C. waters.
4. Stop all commercial Chinook fishing until orca populations recover.
5. Halt all fossil fuel expansion projects in and around the Salish Sea.
6. Take action to ensure that all polluted stormwater is filtered before it flows into the sea.
7. Filter out all chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs from our wastewater before this water flows into the sea.
8. Ban the use of toxic household/industrial chemicals.
9. Create laws that minimize orca exposure to boat vessel traffic and motor noise.
10. Protect the Salish Sea from underwater Navy sound-wave interference.
11. Return Tokitae to her ancestral waters of the Salish Sea.

~”Women” is intended to signify all who are female identified ♥

You can stay connected to on-going prayer/meditation events by liking the OrcaLove Facebook page.



January 20
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Salish Sea