Federal Legislative Action: Oppose Discrimination and Protect People from Predatory Lenders

Action: Oppose Discrimination Based on Religious Beliefs (Part 1 of 2)

The Conscience and Religious Freedom Division in the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services has been used against our own citizens. This division has protected medical service providers who discriminate and refuse to provide services that conflict with their religious beliefs. Denying medical treatment is unconscionable and risks lives. Providers who discriminate should not receive government funding. H.R. 5123 will abolish this division that condones discrimination.

Action: Protect People from Predatory and Discriminatory Lenders (Part 2 of 2)

Congressman Denny Heck has recently voted to weaken the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial oversight law, and he needs to hear our concerns about these attacks on our financial protections. The Senate passed S.2155 which would substantially weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We need an agency that protects people from fraud and abuse. The House will be voting on this proposed legislation. We can combine two requests for Congressman Heck in one phone call.

Representative Denny Heck (360) 459-8514


Hi, my name is________________, and I am a member of Olympia Indivisible. I am calling with two requests and a question. First, I want Congressman Heck to co-sponsor H.R. 5123. This bill would abolish a division in the Department of Health and Human Services that condones discrimination based on religion in the provision of medical services. Second, I am asking Congressman Heck to vote against S. 2155 because it weakens financial protections and increases the risk of fraud and abuse. Please take action to protect all of us. Finally, I would also like to know why Mr. Heck voted for HR 79 which would roll back Securities and Exchange Commission regulations and why he thinks that is his constituents’ best interest. Thank you.


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