Tools for Engaged Citizens and Organizations

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LocalMotive is your tool as an engaged citizen to:

  • Find out about events and opportunities to get involved, meet others and make a difference through our Community Calendar.   (Add the events to your calendar with the “+Google Save” button in the event.)
  • Take action on causes that you care about
  • Connect with local groups in the South Sound region of Washington State

For Organizations:

LocalMotive is here to assist you to:

  • Post your events on the Community Calendar or contact us to make sure your calendar feeds into it.
  • Get your action alerts published on our Action blog.   The advantage of a blog are:
    • Users can subscribe to Actions, setting up filters so they receive email notifications only for those topics or organizations they are interested in.
    • Actions can be categorized by topic and group for easy archiving and look up
    • On a blog, action alerts don’t get lost amongst other posts like they do in a Facebook group.


About Us is a developing project with the goal of connecting and providing resources for local activists and engaged citizens in the Olympia / South Sound region of Washington state who are working for a compassionate, non-violent society in opposition to authoritarian and extremist elements.   More…

About the Community Calendar

The vision for the Community Calendar is a “hub calendar” — not just another calendar where other groups’ events are copied.  Most events on it are imported from the calendars of organizations such that if those organizers make modifications to their calendars those changes are automatically updated on the Community Calendar.   In the future, your group’s calendar will also be able subscribe to Community Calendar events such that they automatically update, too.  More…