How To Save to Your Personal Calendar

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To save an event from the Community Calendar to your personal calendar, click on the event to open it.  Below the event description and above the DETAILS section are boxes for +GOOGLE CALENDAR and +ICAL EXPORT.

Buttons to Save an Event to Your Personal Calendar

Saving to Your Google Calendar

To save an event to your Google calendar:

  1.  When saving to your Google Calendar, you must first have signed into your Google account.  Do this on a different tab if you haven’t already.
  2.  Open the event by clicking on it and find the +GOOGLE button just above the DETAILS section and below the event description.
  3.  Click the +GOOGLE CALENDAR button.  This will open your Google calendar to a screen with the details of the event.
  4.  Review the event and make any edits you would like.
  5. Click Save and, voila, it’s on your calendar.

Saving to Another Calendar Type

To save to another calendar type, such as Outlook or Apple, use the iCAL EXPORT button:

  1.  Open the event on our calendar by clicking on it.   Find the +iCAL EXPORT button below the event description and just above the DETAILS section.
  2.  Click the +iCAL EXPORT button.
  3. In Windows Explorer, this will bring up the option to Open or Save a file that contains the event information:

If you select Open, this will save to your default personal calendar.

In Outlook, it will save to a Citizens LocalMotive calendar.  Click on Appointment / Copy to My Calendar to get it on your main calendar.

4.  If you do not have a default calendar installed on your computer or in Chrome and Firefox, you will be prompted to save the file.

5.    Locate the ICS event file in your Downloads folder (unless you chose to put it somewhere else).  Tip, sort the files by date so most recent files are first.  Your new file should be at the top.  There are various ways you can use the ICS event file you save.  For example:

    • You can email it to others to invite them to your event, for example.  When they click to open it, they will have the option to save it to their personal calendar.
    • In your Google calendar, add the event by clicking on Add a Friend’s Calendar / Import / Select File from Your Computer.
    • In Outlook, click File / Open / Import-Export / Import an iCalendar File / Next — and navigate to the event file in your Downloads folder.