How To Send Us a Link to Your Google Calendar

Send Us Your “iCal” Link

We can set up an automatic link from your organization’s Google calendar to ours if you send us your calendar’s sharable ‘iCal” link.


1.  Log in to Google and go to your calendar.

2.  On the left sidebar, go to the “My calendars” section and click on the calendar you want to share with us.  Ours looks like this (instead of Citizen LocalMotive you will see the name of your group).  You can add a new “Public” calendar to your Google calendar where you post only events you want to make by clicking on the 3 dots and selecting Add Calendar.

3.  Click on the Menu icon (three dots) and from the flyout menu click on “Settings and sharing”:

4.  In the Access Permissions section, check to make the calendar available to public.  (When you make your calendar public, others can see and sync with your calendar, but they can’t edit it.  More info…)

5.  Scroll down to the section “Integrate Calendar” and find the “Public address in iCal format”.

6.  Copy that link, paste it in an email and send it to us.

Let Us Know Your Preferences

  1. Interval:  How frequently should we check your calendar?  We can set your calendar to feed at intervals of daily, weekly, monthly or on demand.  If it feeds “on demand”, then we will sync it when we hear from you that you would like us to update your  events that appear on our calendar.
  2. Approval and Selection:  Is everything on your calendar suitable for sharing with ours?  Or do you want us to pick and choose events?   Initially we will set the feed up so your events are marked as “Pending”.  This allows us to pick and choose items from your calendar individually before events are posted.  If your calendar is all of interest to us and your items are maintained well, we may set your calendar to sync automatically.  Let us know if you are interested in automatic syncing.

Thanks for using the calendar!