How to Use ResistBot: Send a custom fax in 2 minutes to your officials from your phone

Many of us are resistant to picking up the phone and calling our members of Congress even with a nice little script in front of us to use as a guide.

ResistBot to The Rescue: Write Congress in Under 2 Minutes

On your phone:

  1. Send a text to the phone number 50409 that contains the word “resist” and wait for ResistBot to respond to you with instructions.
  2. If it is your first time using ResistBot, you will get texts asking for your name and address.  You will even be able to send your signature.  ResistBot will keep this information on file for you.  ResistBot knows who your rep and senators are by your zipcode.
  3. Once ResistBot knows you, your interaction will go like this:
    • ResistBot will respond asking who you want to contact?  Congress, house, senate, president or governor?
    • Reply “congress” if you want to send a fax to all three MoC’s, “house” if just to your representative, etc.
    • Send a text or series of texts containing the letter you want to send.  You can compose it in your text app.  Or you can copy from one of the LocalMotive scripts or use a tool like or YourDailyAction or an action alert from, say, the Sierra Club or Climate Reality, etc.
    • When you are done, send a text containing the word “done”
    • ResistBot will send a text back giving you options to send, clear and start over, preview, add to it, trash or quit.   If you want to send, for example, send a text with the word “send”
    • ResistBot responds back with confirmations that your faxes have been sent.

Very easy, very quick.  Can be done any time of the day.

Donate to ResistBot

ResistBot is entirely run by volunteers.  Every $1 you donate funds a real mailed letter to Congress, or 100 faxes.

Show Congress we’re here, and we’re voting in November.