Olympia Action: Show Interfaith Support for our Local Mosque on Friday April 6 for their “First Friday Open House Program”

Robert Lovitt of the South Sound Buddhist Peace Fellowship passed along this message from the leadership of the Islamic Center of Olympia, inviting members of faith communities to join together this Friday April 6 (“First Friday”) afternoon in a show of interfaith support and solidarity.

Here is the message shared and posted yesterday by the leadership of the mosque:

We have been advised by the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department to be aware of our surroundings and stay vigilant especially for the next couple of days in view of reports of threats they have received concerning the Muslim community and the Masjid. It is important that whilst we must remain alert that we should not panic or walk around in fear for our safety or be organs of publicity of these threats, because that is exactly what the threats are meant to do. Let us pray to Allah almighty to protect us and our families and carry on with our daily lives, insha’Allah, with a heightened sense of awareness and if and when the situation demands to please do not hesitate to call 911 immediately and then call anybody else like family members the masjid, etc.—all law-enforcement agencies in the area have been notified. This follows after an episode of harassment at the mosque two Fridays ago and the recent arson attack on two Jehovah’s Witness “Kingdom Halls” in our area.

In response, Interfaith Works is encouraging all our member faith communities and friends to gather again in respect, friendship and trust at “First Friday” – a regular monthly invitation by the Islamic Center of Olympia – Masjid Al-Nur (a long-time member of Interfaith Works) to its neighbors in Thurston County to join them for Jum’ah, the Friday midday prayer, and open house.  Below are details as provided by the Islamic Center…please share widely and ask those you know to join in the Friday open house if possible.  In Peace,  Danny Kadden Executive Director”   for more details- click  here: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/8cd85f667902813bd0638694f/files/d7d228f5-8368-4f0f-9546-7657b3f0d3eb/1st_FRIDAY_OPEN_HOUSE_PROGRAM.pdf