Olympia Indivisible Call to Action: Urge Heck to Support Censure of President Trump for Racist Remarks

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Urge Congressman Heck to support a Congressional Censure of President Trump for his unacceptable, racist remarks about Haiti last week.

Our Congress has the legal and moral authority to Censure the president for his reprehensible remarks about Haiti last week. Censure is a way to publicly denounce exactly this kind of unacceptable behavior.  Last week, the Chairman of The Congressional Black Caucus, Cedric Richmond (D)  introduced a bill to censure the President for his unacceptable remarks. 

Action 2:

Call Congressman Heck (253-533-8332) with this message:


I am calling about the the disgraceful conduct of our president when he made racist, disparaging remarks about Haiti last week.  As a district 10 voter I urge Congressman Heck to co-sponsor Congressman Richmond’s bill introduced last week to Censure the president for his unacceptable remarks.  The world is watching our country to see if we will stand for this kind of behavior from our President. We do not; and we want it on record.