Olympia Indivisible Call to Action: December Meeting — Demand DACA Legislation — New Facebook Page — Book Discussion Group

CALL TO ACTION – Week of December 3, 201 7


This Tuesday! December 5 – Tuesday 7:00pm!
OI Membership December Meeting
If you cannot attend in person you can go to our Facebook page where we will be streaming the meeting live to the public! https://www.facebook.com/OlympiaIndivisible/
What: “Safeguarding Our Elections: Gerrymandering and Trump’s Election Integrity Commission“- presentation by Mary Hall, Thurston County Auditor.
Join us for a fascinating presentation about the president’s Election Integrity Commission (EIC) and gerrymandering in our country.  Mary Hall will discuss the current state of the EIC, history of gerrymandering, and provide eye-opening examples from across the country.  Auditor Hall will also explain the election systems we use in Washington State and the safeguards and security we have in place. Questions and answers at the end.
When:  Tuesday, December 5 
Time:  7 – 8:30 p.m., Doors open 6:30 pm
Where: Room 152, Building 1, Thurston County Courthouse, – enter room from west side parking lot.
Note: this is our first attempt to live stream anything and we hope it goes well. We know for some of our members it is difficult to attend evening meetings so we are giving this a try! We will also be recording the meeting and later broadcasting it on TCTV, more info to follow.
A Note From the Action Team
With Republicans in control of both Congress and the White House, we knew we could not win every battle, and that we would probably lose some big ones.  The Senate vote, as narrow as it was, that passed their version of the Trump TaxScam late Friday night has left a lot of us grieving over a hard fought loss.  The tax battle is not over, but our chances of prevailing have really decreased.  For many of us, that reality hurts after all the work we put into trying to stop it, and because it is clear that we succeeded in educating the electorate that this is bad for everyone except the wealthy.  However, that was not enough to win this time.  We cannot let this loss define us or stop us from resisting the next round of bad ideas.  How do we recharge our fighting spirit and restore our sense that we will ultimately prevail?  What better way than spending some time with friends and friendly faces at the upcoming OI general meeting, this Tuesday?  If you can’t make it, reach out to other OI members for support and solidarity, go get a cup of coffee. Tell your friends who are not yet OI members that we are the absolute best antidote to the Trump blues, and encourage them to join us now.  Battles this big are never easy or straight forward; they are won by people of good heart standing together. 

Demand DACA Legislation!

This week we turn to our next important action, the budget resolution that needs to be passed by Dec 8th. This will need at least 60 votes in the Senate and it will finally give Democrats a chance to insist on legislation.
Since Donald Trump cruelly rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, over 20,000 Washington State students have feared deportation. Nationally over 800,000 young people are threatened with this heartless action. Yanking away promised protection for these students is morally cruel and reprehensible.
It is up to our Members of Congress to insist on legislation (the DREAM ACT) to protect these young people as part of this next week’s budget resolution. We want our MOCs to do everything possible including shutting down the government if this is not remedied. Although they have assured us that they are on board to do this, we want to make our voices loud and clear that we are behind them 100%. Every call we make is logged in and adds to their resolve.
Call each of our Members of Congress by Thursday, Dec. 7th with this clear message:
  • Congressman Denny Heck: 360-459-8514
  • Senator Maria Cantwell: 206-220-6400
  • Senator Patty Murray: 206-553-5545
My name is _________________.  I am a District 10 Voter and a member of Olympia Indivisible.
I am calling to urge (Senator, Congressman _______) to do everything possible, including shutting down the government if necessary, to pass legislation that protects DACA recipients. I know that (Senator, Congressman _______) is working to accomplish this and we want them to know this is absolutely and morally worth fighting for.
Join Our Protest Rally in Olympia MONDAY!
Take 30 minutes and show up to make a difference.   Monday, Dec 4th at 12:00 noon Olympia Indivisible Members and other Thurston County groups will rally at the Insurance Building on the Capitol Campus to support the DREAM Act. Other organizations will be there also.  Bring signs!  PROTECT THE DREAMERS! Here’s a chance to be with like-minded citizens and stand up for what is right.
​From co-founder Carla Wulfsberg comes the following: I would like to strongly recommend we all thank Senator Cantwell for her untiring work to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (which was just given away in the Republican tax bill – td).   The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a pristine ecosystem that we about to lose forever.

“The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should be referred to as such, not ANWR. The acronym is intimately associated with the refuge’s oil resources and, if it is referred to as simply ANWR, we are at risk of losing and discounting the greater values associated with this land.” – Lynn Greenwalt, Former Director of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Learn more about the significance of this national arctic treasure here:  http://northern.org/programs/arctic/arctic-national-wildlife-refuge/arctic-refuge-101-what-is-201canwr-201d   
While you are at it, thank both Senators for their valiant effort in a losing fight on the Republican tax scam.
What is the difference between this and our secret page? On the secret page only members can see who the members are and post/read messages. In a closed page, the public can see who members are but cannot read/post messages.  Plus, we can make the closed page much easier for members to join. Of our current 495 OI members, only 109 are part of our secret Facebook page. We want a more robust discussion!We did not choose to change our secret group to a closed group as we did not want members’ old comments to be exposed without everyone’s’ permission. It was easier to just start a new closed group.What to do? Easy – just go to this link and click join!   https://www.facebook.com/groups/135495803816831/
Monday Dec 4 High Noon
Take 30 minutes and show up to make a difference.   Monday, Dec 4th at 12:00 noon Olympia Indivisible Members and other Thurston County groups will rally at the Insurance Building on the Capitol Campus to support the DREAM Act. Bring signs!  PROTECT THE DREAMERS! Here’s a chance to be with like-minded citizens and stand up for what is right.
Dec. 8 Friday (6-8 pm) 

Olympia Indivisible Members TGIF Gathering!
Bring your ideas for making the whole dang world better! Get to know your fellow resisters!
For the next 3 weeks (at least) we are moving to a new location:
RJ’s Gourmet Grill – American, Indian, & Mediterranean food.  Wine (chardonnay & merlot) and bottled beer served.   
318 4th Avenue E. Olympia, 98501
(Past Franklin Street, closer to Adams street,  north side of street  (left side) heading east on 4th . There is parking in the back.)
December 13 and 20 Friday
Come join OI members Glen H. and Lisa O.this month for Olympia Indivisible’s first-ever book discussion group!
Historian Timothy Snyder wrote On Tyranny: 20 Lessons from the 20th Century during the Trump campaign, foreseeing Trump as a potent source of homegrown authoritarianism.  His wise, succinct book clarifies what is happening here at home and begins to illuminate a path forward from it. On Tyranny is a slim book that fits alongside your pocket Constitution and feels only slightly less vital. Setting our current history against the backdrop of the rise of fascism and authoritarianism in central and eastern Europe in the 20th century, Snyder writes with bracing immediacy, providing 20 plain and mostly actionable lessons on pushing back against and preventing the repression of lives and minds.
Interested? Read this book now! There were 20+ copies of it at both Browsers and Orca last we checked! 
Book Discussion Dates: Wednesday December 13, 6-8pm  (lessons 1-10) and Dec. 20, 6-8pm  (lessons 11-20) details on location furnished upon registration
Registration Required! As we will limit this group to 20 participants, it’s first come first served (rsvp at olympia.indivisible@gmail.com

December 22, 4-8 

Olympia Indivisible 500-member Anniversary Open House! Come drop by to celebrate our strength and fellowship and share a glass of cheer. Details to follow!