Olympia Indivisible’s Weekly Call to Action: Defend DACA Recipients, Make Sure Trump Care Stays Dead

CALL TO ACTION – Week of September 10, 201 7


It’s Time to Defend DACA Recipients

Background: Trump had Attorney General Sessions announce that he will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program with a six-month delay. DACA has allowed youth that entered the country with their parents to legally work and go to school. Even with the delay, these young immigrants are now at greater risk than they were before they applied for the program. The move by Trump has encountered significant opposition from congressional Republicans and from business leaders, including Microsoft and other PNW businesses. The latest polling shows 64% support for continuing the program and 30% opposition. The State of Washington and 14 other states have filed a lawsuit against Trump and the federal government challenging the revocation of the DACA program.

The DREAM Act (S. 1615 / H.R. 3440) would protect the 800,000 DACA recipients from deportation and it would give DREAMers a path to citizenship. Representative Denny Heck is a cosponsor of HR 3440.

ACTION: Call Our Senators and Tell Them We Need a Clean DREAM Act

We need to call our Senators and tell them to include a clean DREAM Act in any must pass legislation vehicles this month. The DREAM Act would give DACA recipients and others who arrive in the United States as children a path to permanent lawful status and eventual citizenship.


Call Senator Patty Murray (253) 572-3636 and Senator Maria Cantwell (253) 572-2281



Hello, my name is ___________, and I am a member of Olympia Indivisible. I am calling to ask Senator _________ to support and cosponsor the bipartisan DREAM Act (S1615). I am asking her to include the DREAM Act in any must pass bill that is scheduled for a vote this month. It is inhumane to tear away young people who are American in every way except on paper. Thank you for your help.

Budget: Stop Republican tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy -save Medicare and other social programs.
Background:  The House budget resolution for fiscal year 2018 puts in motion the procedural steps they need to pass massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations through the Senate with only 51 votes. Just like they used the reconciliation process to try to jam through TrumpCare; they plan to jam through their tax cuts the same way. And in order to pay for these tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, critical programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and food assistance could be cut — either now or in the future. The details are appalling:

  • $1 trillion cut from Medicaid over ten years (that’s 20% of Medicaid’s budget)
  • Over $150 billion cut from SNAP (that’s 22% of SNAP’s budget)
  • Nearly $500 billion cut from Medicare—and it’s turned into a voucher system
  • $3.3 billion cut from Pell grants—and they’d be harder for students to use
  • Billions in cuts to education, the environment, housing, and worker training

The budget resolution doesn’t mean that all of these cuts would happen immediately, but it puts them on the reconciliation fast-track, like the tax cuts. If Republican tax cuts for the wealthy were allowed to increase deficits, those deficits would give Republicans an excuse to keep cutting these critical programs in the future.
Our MOC need to oppose any budget resolution that:

  • Requires cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, food assistance or any other programs that help families afford the basics.
  • Allows cuts to critical programs to pay for tax cuts.

If the budget resolution sets up a partisan fast-track for tax legislation, it should require that the bill be “revenue neutral.” Revenue neutral means that if Republicans cut taxes, they have to offset them by raising revenue in some other way, either by imposing new taxes on corporations or the wealthy, or by closing tax loopholes. (Revenue neutral is different from “deficit neutral,” which allows Congress to offset tax cuts with cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, food assistance and other programs. It is also different from “revenue losing” which would explode the deficit and give Republicans an excuse to cut these programs down the road). This ask goes for House members and for Senators.

ACTION:  Call Denny Heck

Call Representative Heck and urge him to oppose the FY 18 budget resolution as currently drafted by the Republicans in the House Budget Committee.  Let him know that you are strongly opposed to making huge cuts to programs that support the poor and middle class in order to create tax cuts that benefit corporations and the wealthy.  Ask him to work with Representatives Jayapal and Del Bene, who are both members of the House Budget Committee, to stop this plan before it leaves the committee.


ACTION:   Call Our Senators

Call Senators Cantwell and Murray and let them know that you are strongly opposed to Republican plans to making huge cuts to programs that support the poor and middle class in order to create tax cuts that benefit corporations and the wealthy, and that you find the Republican plan currently being considered by the House Budget Committee totally unacceptable.

Make Sure TrumpCare Stays Dead, Dead, Dead.
Our MOCs need to hear from us this week about the need for their continued vigilance to save the Affordable Care Act. Under Senate rules, Republicans have until September 30th to jam through TrumpCare with only 50 (+1) votes. TrumpCare has a new name, Graham-Cassidy and they may try to push it through in the coming week. Go to www.indivisibleguide.com/resource/trumpcare-another-name-graham-cassidy/ for all the gory details.


ACTION: Call Patty Murray

Call Patty Murray to give her your support for working with Senator Alexander to preserve the subsidies for low income people under the Affordable Care Act. Keep at it, Senator Murray!!!

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