Federal Legislative Action: Release the Democratic House Intelligence Committee Memo

Trump has refused to release the Democrats memo on the FBI’s surveilance of Carter Page and requested that specific passages should be redacted. The Democrats are preparing a new version of the memo. Unfortunately, the facts that are being redacted would provide a more accurate picture showing that the FBI had probable cause to spy on Carter Page for a year. Tell elected officials that we want the full text of the Democratic memo released.

Call our Members of Congress:
Congressman Denny Heck: 360-459-8514
Senator Maria Cantwell: 206-220-6400
Senator Patty Murray: 206-553-5545

My name is _____________, I am a District 10 voter, and I am a member of Olympia Indivisible. I am calling to ask ______________ to speak out to oppose the baseless attacks on the FBI and Justice Department staff. Please work to release the full text of the Democrats memo defending the FBI’s surveillance of Carter Page. Thank you.

This action is from Olympia Indivisible’s weekly Call to Action.  Be sure to go to their website for more on the actions, upcoming events and for their latest Research Report.  Also find them on Facebook.

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