SMART Action: Remind yourself of the humanity behind a Facebook post you disagree with

Action:  Click Through to the Poster’s Profile:

The next time you see a Facebook post or comment that you disagree with, click through to the poster’s profile and remind yourself of his or her humanity.

Source:  SMART Post of the Day from Social Media Approaches for Respect and Tolerance

Don’t Unfollow Trump Supporters

In this time of post-election hand-wringing and soul-searching, a considerable amount of condemnation has landed at Facebook’s feet. The blame is both fair and multifaceted: Some is aimed at the “fake news” articles the social media giant allowed to proliferate, some is aimed at the click economy, some is reserved for the way the platform enabled so many to only read the news they wanted to, even if it was real. But as Black Mirror has taught us, technology is only evil in that it facilitates our worst impulses. Some of the Facebook blame lies with us for how we used the medium to ideologically self-segregate. Facebook may have trapped us in our filter bubbles, but we filled them ourselves by deciding what to share, whom to follow, whom to engage with, and whom to ignore.


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