Spread the Word: Alternatives to Chemical Restraint Panel Discussion at Traditions, March 5th — Printable Flier

This speakers’ panel and community discussion is in response to the recent, tragic death of Vaneesa Hopson after being chemically restrained by EMTs in Olympia.  Interacting with community members on Facebook, we have discovered EMTs forcibly sedating patients is not an isolated event and it is a widespread practice in mental institutions, nursing homes, and schools for the disabled.  This occurs despite there being a legal right to refuse medical treatment that is based in the constitutional right to privacy, equal protection under the law, and due process.

Chemical restraints are pharmaceutical drugs used to sedate someone so that they can be more easily controlled in a crisis or perceived crisis situation.  Our community needs a wider range of skills, resources, tools and spaces for individuals experiencing non-medical crisis.  Join us in identifying alternatives and building in skills and networks for de-escalation.

Print and distribute the flier and handout

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