State Legislative Action: Preserve Local Civilian Land Use Rights

This action is courtesy of Indivisible Whidbey Island.

The Washington State Legislature is considering legislation to give military base commanders veto power over local civilian land use decisions. House Bill 2341 and Senate Bill 6456 would grant base commanders the power to prohibit land use changes they feel impact current or future missions. This authority would extend to land anywhere in the vicinity of base operations, potentially well beyond the land bordering the base. These bills prioritize military land use over all other civilian activities, whether they be agricultural, industrial, recreational or environmental. These bills would subordinate the decisions we make on a state and local level, turning this authority over a single officer who answer to the Pentagon, not to us.

ACTION: Call your State Senator

Click to let your state legislators know you oppose HB 2341 and SB 6456.  Select your State Senator from the list, then fill out the form, using either 2341 or 6456 as your Bill Number. Be sure to click “Oppose” as your position. The system will also offer the option to send the same message to your Representatives.


Subject line: Don’t Strip Control of Local Land Use From Washington’s Communities!


I oppose passage of HB 2341 and SB 6456. The military already has great power over land use decisions. Local communities should have authority over local land use, not base commanders who answer to a Pentagon some 3,000 miles away.