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WAIT, is your event already posted somewhere else?

If your event is already posted on a Facebook page or your organization’s Google, WordPress, Outlook or other calendar elsewhere, please do not to enter it again here.  We can link your calendar to ours:

  • Email us with a link to your calendar or Facebook page where we can find the event and we will get it added.
  • Check here to see if your organization is already one we check regularly.  Email us if it isn’t on our list.

If your event is NOT posted anywhere else, create an event:  Submit Your Event

Your post should meet our quality standards:

Please review our guidelines for posting events.

Remember to click “SUBMIT EVENT” when you are done.  Your event will be reviewed for submission within 24 hours.

  • Title: Your title should be short but include enough detail to identify its purpose and/or the organizer.
    • Unacceptable title:  “Meeting”
    • Acceptable title:  “SSBPF Meeting”
  • Venue:  You must include a location for the event.
    • The venue should include a name (e.g. Capitol Theater or Private Residence) and address — not just the address.
    • If you don’t find your venue on our menu, you may create a new one
  • Organizer:  You must provide organizer details.
    • If you don’t find your organization on our menu, you may create a new one.  Please include website, email and phone and a description.
  • Event Website:  Please provide a URL for more event information
  • Remember to click “SUBMIT EVENT”!