Urgent Gun Control Action: Tuesday Morning 8:30 am Hearing at the Capitol. Register Your Support for SB6620, School Safety Bill

Wear Orange!  Support Background Checks for Assault Weapons…

The School Safety Bill SB6620 contains all of the key provisions of the Assault Weapons Background Check Bill and is model legislation for the rest of the country.   We will be the first state in the nation, since Parkland, to pass legislation to prevent high school students from buying assault weapons.

Please come join us.  You’ll see the folks in orange.  Wear orange if you got it!

  • Where:  Washington Capitol Campus, Cherbourg Building, First floor Room #4.    (Campus Map)
  • When:  Hearing at 0830. Doors open at 6. Tim Moses will be there by 7!  Come early if you can.
  • Parking is often available on the street, but bring change for the meter.
  • Message Tim Moses with questions  on Facebook.

Tip:  If You Can’t Attend the Hearing But Can Stop By With Your Smart Phone…

Anytime after midnight on the day of a hearing until some point during the hearing, you can log in to the Capitol Campus network to register your support or opposition to a bill as if you are in attendance of the hearing.  Your vote will be included in the tally at the end of the hearing.  To do this go to a parking lot on campus and log on to the legislature’s “WSLPublic”  wireless network.

  1. Log on to WSLpublic wireless network.  Then return to this page.
  2. Follow this link:  https://app.leg.wa.gov/csi  (Access is forbidden unless you are on the capitol campus and logged in to WSLpublic.)
  3. Click the hearing at which you wish to testify to indicate your position.  The scheduled agenda items appear.
  4. Click the applicable agenda item.
  5. Complete the form.  Required information is marked with a red asterisk.
  6. Click submit.
  7. After entering your info, select on of the following:  I’m done, Sign up for another agenda item, or Sign up for a different hearing.

Write Your State Legislators in Support of this Bill

Please send an email to your state legislators supporting SB6620 by clicking here.   Let our leaders know we want assault weapons to have the same level of scrutiny as handguns have. Handgun purchases now require a background investigation by police, as well as the instant check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) at the shop.

News:  Assault Weapons Ban Introduced in Congress

Two Democratic lawmakers formally introduced an assault weapons ban in the House on Monday, The Hill reports.