Voting Action: Save the Thurston County Conservation District

Save Thurston County Conservation District!

Thurston Conservation District is in trouble, and we need your help to restore conservation Leadership. VOTE for Paul Pickett for Thurston CD Supervisor by calling (360) 786-5408  to request that a ballot be mailed to you. DEADLINE to get a ballot is February 28, 2018. (You will NOT get a ballot automatically in the mail like most elections.)

Why is this important?

In 2017 Thurston Conservation District (CD) had a budget of almost $2 million for environmental restoration in Thurston County. These are on-the-ground projects that conserve soil, restore water quality, protect shellfish and salmon, and educate the public.

What is the problem?

Three of the five CD supervisors have been systematically dismantling Thurston CD. By refusing to vote or not showing up for meetings, they have lost half of the funding for the CD. In addition, they have been micromanaging staff, mismanaging meetings, and not completing required meeting minutes and the annual plan.

Take action to Save Thurston CD!!! We need a competent progressive and pro-environmental candidate to win this position – Paul Pickett. Paul served for two terms as an elected Commissioner for Thurston PUD. He is an environmental engineer for the State Department of Ecology and knows the value of Conservation Districts by working with them across the state. Electing Paul will be the first step in rebuilding Thurston CD so it is again fully funded and effective.

Anti-environmental, anti-tax, property-rights interests are rallying their supporters to expand their control over Thurston CD so they can continue the dismantling. There are more progressive, pro-environmental voters in this county, such as you, but to have your vote count you have to take action! All registered voters in Thurston County can vote, but the voting procedures for Thurston CD are unique and unusual.

The easy way to vote is to call (360) 786-5408 and a ballot will be sent in the mail. You can vote for Paul Pickett and return by mail.

This is not a normal election! For more details please see: