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Look Up Tools

  • WA Legislature Home – Nice dashboard with many links.  At the top is a tool to see what’s happening today and next two days.
  • WA Legislative Bill Summary Tool
    • Enter the bill number you are interested in and press enter.  Enter just the number — leave off the HB or SB.
    • Summary page shows where the bill is in the process, links to available documents, history
    • Link to provide you comment on the bill is at top right.
    • TIP:  When using the comment screen, you must click “Verify my District” before your email will send.
  • Find Your District
    • Enter your address to look up your district, state senator and representatives.
    • Follow the links for their contact information and email forms


If You Can’t Attend a Hearing But Can Swing By the Capitol With Your Smart Phone…

Anytime after midnight on the day of a hearing and until sometime during the hearing, you can log in to the Capitol Campus network to register your support or opposition to a bill as if you are in attendance of the hearing and testifying at the kiosk in the room.  Your vote will be included in the tally at the end of the hearing.  To do this go to a parking lot on campus and log on to the legislature’s “WSLPublic”  wireless network.

  1. When you are on Capitol campus, log on to WSLpublic wireless network.  Click “I Accept”.
  2. Follow this link:  https://app.leg.wa.gov/csi  (Access is forbidden unless you are on campus and logged in to WSLpublic.)
  3. Click the hearing at which you wish to testify to indicate your position.  The scheduled agenda items appear.
  4. Click the applicable agenda item.
  5. Complete the form.  Required information is marked with a red asterisk.
  6. Click submit.
  7. After entering your info, select on of the following:  “I’m done”, “Sign up for another agenda item”, or “Sign up for a different hearing”.  If you select “Sign up for a different hearing”, you can vote on another.

Get your vote Pro or Con in early in the hearing.  Sometimes they close voting soon after the hearing begins.


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Organizations That Track Bills:

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